Works and Services

70 years in business of engineering services brought "Institute of Oil Transportation", PJSC extensive experience in the design of main oil pipelines, storage tanks, pumping stations, terminals, transfer points, and offshore transshipment complexes of varying complexity and purpose, as well as huge scientific and technical base.

Our customers always receive comprehensive, cost-effective, reliable solutions, developed by a team of highly qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds. It is the presence in our team of experts in various technical disciplines ensures operational reliability and compliance with national and international standards.

IOT offers

comprehensive services (including but not limited to)

• all design stages from Concept Development up to Detailed Design

• construction supervision;

• engineering surveys

• development of regulatory documents, innovative technical solutions

• EIA, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies development, as well as

expert consulting services

• inspection and certification;

• analyses and recommendations development;

• consultations;

engineering services

• tendering;

• initial data receipt and registration;

• technical specifications development;

Detailed list of our services can be found in relevant sections

engineering services