May 22, 2015 in Kiev there was held the 9th All-Ukrainian Congress of Quality - voluntary assembly of expert community to advise national approaches to increasing business excellence for Ukrainian business, and improving life quality for Ukrainian citizens.

Photo: "IOT" PJSC representative at the Congress - Leonid V. Pechersky (left)

The initiators and organizers of Congress were: Ukrainian Association for Quality (UAQ) which includes IOT as associated member, Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneur, the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, National medical university by AA Bogomolets and others.

Delegates shared their work on two sessions. The first one examined the painful issues of organizational excellence. Particular attention was paid to sustainable development of enterprises and institutions, and in terms of signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU in particular has become an important issue of competitiveness of Ukrainian business. The second session covered the objectives of safety and quality of products, technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment of products and services.

By results of both sessions there was adopted The Congress resolution, as well as the Message by expert environment, businesses and public organizations to the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a number of proposals, including: announce 2016-2018 years in Ukraine to be years of business excellence and quality, provide a wide-ranging complex of actions to raise public awareness, dissemination of best practices and promoting their implementation in enterprises, educational events, particularly those identified in the resolution of the 9th Quality Congress.

Pictures are taken from official UAQ site