The first transfer of diesel fuel through "Novopolotsk - Fanipol" product pipeline was successful

Введено в експлуатацію перший пусковий комплекс нафтопродуктопроводу «Новополоцьк - Фаніполь»

On January 31, 2017, 600 tons of diesel fuel were pumped from JSC "NAFTAN" to the oil depot in the village of Krulevshchizna, Dokshitsky district through the first Belarusian oil product pipeline Novopolotsk-Fanipol.

In December 2016, the first start-up complex of the project "Construction of the Novopolotsk-Fanipol main oil pipeline" with a length of more than 86 km was completed, with a diversion to the warehouse for storage of oil products "Krulevshchizna" developed by the engineers of the PJSC "Institute of Oil Transportation".

This oil pipeline is designed to provide consistent pumping of gasoline and diesel fuel directly from the producer - JSC "Naftan" to "Krulevshchizna" and "Fanipol" petroleum storage depots, RUE "Belorusneft-Minskoblnefteprodukt". This investment project is of great importance for the petroleum product supply system of Belarus: it will ensure a stable supply regime of petroleum products, regardless of climatic conditions. This implies an increase in the degree of mechanization and automation of operations, a significant increase in productivity and at the same time - reducing of the shipping cost in comparison with other transportation types.

Currently is laid more than 60 km of pipeline for the second commissioning and start-up complex, every month it is planned to add about 30 km. To complete the construction of the second stage is scheduled for the 50th anniversary of the company, which JSC "Polotsktransneft “Druzhba" will celebrate October 13, 2017.