Our history

March 1944 - April 1951
Ukrainian Branch of "NefteprovodProekt" Trust

The Branch was founded to restore Ukrainian tank farms destroyed during the Second World War, and since 1945 it started designing new tank farms to be built in the territory of the former USSR.

April 1951 - May 1958
Kiev Branch of "GiproTransNeft" Institute
The basic activity of the Branch was to design oil pipelines, tank farms and loading points in the former USSR. It developed the first norms and specifications for construction of inflammable and combustible liquid storage facilities.

May 1958 - March 1965
Kiev Branch of "GiproTruboprovod" Institute
The Branch designed main oil pipelines, gas pipelines, tank farms, loading points in the former USSR, and abroad (Mongolia). Developed the first all-union norms for technological designing of tank farms.

March 1965 - January 1973
State Institute "YuzhGiproTruboprovod"
The Institute designed facilities for oil and gas transportation, storage and distribution in the former USSR, as well as in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq. Developed the first all-union building codes for designing oil and oil product storage facilities, conducted unique research on hot oil pumping through the main oil pipeline Mangyshlak - Volga Region - Ukraine.

January 1973 - March 1994
State Institute "YuzhGiproNefteprovod"
The Institute became one of the largest organizations in the former USSR operating in the field of complex designing of facilities for transportation, storage, transshipment and distribution of oil and oil products both domestically and abroad (Iraq, Cuba). Developed a number of normative documents, including the first norms for designing oil and oil product storage facilities and complex norms for vertical steel tanks.

March 1994 - September 1995
since September 1995 - Joint-Stock Company "Institute of Oil Transportation" (IOT)
Performs integrated design works related to facilities for oil and oil product transportation, storage, transshipment and distribution, and also to separate elements of their infrastructure to be built in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Latvia, renders a wide range of engineering services, develops normative documents regarding operation safety of the main oil transportation facilities.

May  12, 2010 JSC "IOT" becomes Public  JSC in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies".