FEED, Detail Design

Customer: "KazTransOil" JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Year of execution: 2002

Project Objective: to ensure export supplies of Kumkol oil at the level of 6 million tons per year.

Basic engineering solutions:

  • Reconstruction of railway rack for 60 tank cars.
  • Reconstruction of railway rack for 30 tank cars and its conversion into double service rack for 60 tank cars.
  • Construction of drain pump house №1.
  • Reconstruction of drain pump house №2.
  • Construction of circulating pump house for supplying hot oil used to heat up oil in railway tank cars.
  • Construction of pump house for supply of Kumkol oil to CPC (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) oil pumping station.
  • Construction of six RVS-10000m3 tanks for oil received from Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil pipeline.
  • Construction of two RVS-3000m3 tanks to provide a stock of hot oil.
  • Construction of an oil heating boiler house for heating railway tank cars.
  • Reconstruction of fire suppression system.

Basic technical data:

Throughput of Kumkol oil - 6 million t/year
Tank Farm Capacity - 96 thousand m3
including capacities:
  • for Kumkol oil storage (existing)
- 30 thousand m3
  • for hot oil supplies (used to heat up oil in railway tank cars, new construction)


6 thousand m3

  • for Zhanazhol oil storage (new construction) including:


60 thousand m3

-  starting complex - 40 thousand m3
Railroad racks  for 60 tank cars - 2
Drain pump stations - 2
Steam boiler house - 1
Oil heating boiler house - 1
Oil metering unit - 1