Upgrading. Tank farm extension by constructing two 75000 m3 vertical steel tanks.

Detail Design, Construction supervision


RUP GomelTransNeft "Druzhba" (Republic of Belarus).

Year of execution: 1999

Project Objective: extension and upgrading of the tank farm due to expiration of depreciation period of existing tanks, high degree of their deterioration and the necessity to increase throughput capacity of Mozyr-Adamovo main oil pipeline

Basic engineering solutions:

  • Construction of two 75000 m 3 twin-wall tanks with floating roof, vacuum double bottom and life-support systems (designed and erected in CIS for the first time).
  • Application of automated control systems based on modern microprocessor technics and systems of video monitoring.
  • Construction of fire-suppression complex employing new batching systems and foam forming equipment.
  • Equipping of oil metering units with mobile pipe inspection devices.
  • Reconstruction of pig scraper injector/receiver valve platforms with introduction of modern diagnostic means.
  • Reconstruction of power supply systems using compact systems based on application of microprocessor technics.
  • Installation of oil leakage monitoring system on the oil pipeline based on ultrasonic flowmeters.

Basic technical data:

Oil throughput after extension - 62,8 million t/year
Tank Farm Capacity after extension - 450 thousand m3