Tank farm upgrading.

"ASPT-Sub-layer" fire protection system for oil storage tanks.

Regulatory recommendations, FEED, Detail Design, Construction supervision, Process regulations, Testing, Commissioning.


"Pridneprovsky Main Oil Pipelines", JSC (Ukraine)

Year of execution: 2000

Project Objective: fire protection of 10 000 m 3 oil tanks

Basic engineering solutions

  • Application of new sub-layer fire-extinguishing technology which provides for supplying film-forming special-purpose foaming fire extinguishing agent under a layer of stored liquid. 
    Principal advantages of the sub-layer fire extinguishing technology are faster covering of a burning surface with foam (convection currents in surface layer of fuel are formed so as to promote distribution of foam over the surface thus ensuring fast and effective fire extinguishing), installation of foam generators outside tank dykes, hindrance of repeated inflammation of film-covered fuel.
  • The system employs highly reliable equipment and foaming agents certified for use in Ukraine.