Detail Design


"Giprotruboprovod" JSC (Russian Federation)

Year of execution: 2000

Project Objective: construction of pumping station "Trudovaya" and relevant infrastructure to increase pumping via Baku-Tihoretsk oil pipeline.

Basic engineering solutions:

  • Tank farm consisting of 4 RVS-10000m 3 tanks and 2 RVS-20000m 3 tanks.
  • Booster pumping station with vertical pump units located on open site.
  • Closed heated main pumping station.
  • Pig scraper injector/receiver valve and diagnostic units.
  • Two potable water-supply wells.
  • Automatic fixed system of sublayer fire suppression and tank farm cooling consisting of fire and cooling pump station, fire water tanks, fire water and foam main rings.
  • Water-heating boiler-house with a capacity of 2 MW.
  • KRUN-10kV unit and 2х1000 kVA КТП.
  • Process pipelines.
  • Engineering services.
  • Electrochemical protection against corrosion.
  • Auxiliary building and shift crew building.

Basic technical data:

Pipeline length - 1,4 km
Pipeline diameter - 720 mm
Tank farm capacity - 80 thousand m3
Throughput capacity - 17 million t/year