Odessa-Brody pipeline will be extended to Plock in Poland


Volyn Regional State Administration approved the Brody-Plock oil pipeline construction project, which will partially pass through the territory of Volyn region.

The construction project is designed by PJSC "Institute of Oil Transportation". Investor is LLC "International Pipeline Company" Sarmatia ", the Ukrainian Customer is JSC "Ukrtransnafta" and Polish one - company ILF Consulting Engineers Polska Sp.zoo.
Idea of  the Eurasian Oil Transportation Corridor Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk construction project emerged in the mid-1990’s and involves the construction of a new oil transport corridor that would deliver Caspian oil to Western and Central Europe.

Odessa - Brody pipeline was built in 2001 between the city of Odessa on the Black Sea and the town of Brody in the Lviv region, where the docking of the oil pipeline "Druzhba". Operating length – 667 km, the design capacity - 14.5 million tons of oil per year. On it was supposed to transport Caspian and Kazakh oil to bypass the Turkish Straits of Yuzhny port near Odessa Refinery in Eastern and Central Europe and Northern Europe through the port of Gdansk. Until 2004, the pipeline was idle, and then used in reverse mode (in the direction of the terminal "Southern»). Later oil was used in the direct mode for transporting crude oil to Belarus. However, with the 2012 line is idle.
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