Relocation of pipeline section km 232 - km 285 out of emergency area.

Pre-design proposals on options of the line relocation, engineering survey, design with division of construction works into two phases, Detail Design for each construction phase, Construction supervision.


"Main oil pipelines "Druzhba" Subdivision of JSC "Ukrtransnafta" (Ukraine)

Year of execution: 2003

Project Objective: relocation of km 232 - km 285 section of the pipeline due to the activation of landslide processes in the route area

Basic engineering solutions:

  • Application of shop-insulated longitudinal welded pipes
  • Insulation of welded joints with heat-shrinking couplings.
  • Active protection against earth corrosion by cathodic protection stations
  • Installation of gate valves with intellectual electric drives connected to automated control system of oil pumping process.
  • Construction of fiberoptical communication line.
  • Construction of antierosion, fire-prevention facilities and oil detention structures on Latoritsa river.

Basic technical data:

Length of relocated pipeline section - 58,4 km
I line - 530 mm
II line - 720 mm