Basic Design


"KazTransOil" JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan).

Year of execution: 2002

Project Objective: to receive, store and transfer oil from the Aktyubinsk Region oil field to "Kenkiyak" LODS with the purpose of subsequent transfer to Atyrau - Samara export oil pipeline and CPC system.

Basic engineering solutions:

  • "Alibekmola" MOPS:

-       six 5000 m3 steel tanks with pontoons;

-       pump shop with 3 ANDS-600-90 pump units with a capacity of 600 m3/hr each;

-       mud trap platform;

-       oil metering unit;

-       safety valve platform;

-       drainage tank;

-       pig scraper injector/receiver valve and diagnostic unit.

  • Pipeline of 530 х 7 12ГСБ pipes with shop-made 3 layer insulation.

Basic technical data:

Oil pipeline length:
I Phase - 16.0 km
II Phase - 30.5 km
Diameter - 530 mm
Tank farm capacity - 30 thousand m3
I Phase - 3.6 million t/year
II Phase - 6.0 million t/year